You will need
  • order to set aside the order for leave;
  • - the consent of the employee is on leave.
If you withdraw the application for leave from the position of the employer, be sure to get a written consent of the employee is on leave. In order to withdraw the statement of an employee from vacation, need a good reason or a necessity. If you as an employee want to take already signed the statement at a vacation, you need to write the application in any form addressed to the head of the organization with a request to postpone the date of the next holiday.
To cancel the order for leave must be complied with the following conditions:- a written justification for cancellation of the order or statement of the employee;- the written consent of both parties;- the order for cancellation of the order on holiday with justification.After the cancellation of the order for leave, the employee received vacation pay making a to the cashier of the enterprise.
If the order is canceled during an employee's vacation, there is a review of the employee from leave, so you need his consent. The leave necessary to issue appropriate orders, specifying the reason the employee is called from leave. In this case, the unused portion of the holiday must be granted to the employee at his request at any time. Can't recall from leave:- employees under the age of 18 years of age;- pregnant women;- employees engaged in work with harmful and (or) hazardous working conditions (article 125 of the labour code).
If the order is canceled before the employee's vacation, the fact is that the employee has not gone on vacation, here we are to leave is not. In this case, you need to create an arbitrary order for cancellation of the previous orders to leave.