Sign a contract with an educational institution that provides the Intern. In connection with the terms of the agreement, which enter into the organization and educational institution, the employer must create the necessary conditions for the passage of the student internship and provide the Intern work space.
The school in turn ensures compliance with the student is established in the organization of labor discipline and internal regulations.
Execute an employment contract with the student passing the practice. Standard education consists of two kinds of practice: educational and industrial. With the passage of the educational practice the student usually takes the working position, therefore, to conclude contracts is optional.
If the work meets the characteristics of a degree obtained by a student and on production there is a vacancy, the trainee is taken to the state and tend to enter into fixed-term employment contract.
If the Intern never worked, should get him a work book and insurance certificate of state pension insurance.
If vacancies in the organization no, apply for student without enrollment in the state. In this case, the employment contract between the Intern and the organization is not.
On the organization signed the order or orders of enrollment of students for industrial practice, which shall include the practice, the deadlines are assigned a faculty supervisor. In this case, the student shall not be charged with a certain labor function, it performs simple tasks to get acquainted with the production.
Please note that students can pass practice at the primary place of work. In this case, you should consider the specialty for which studied the student and his position. In this situation, the student should submit to the school a document confirming that it is the practice at my place of work.
At the end of internship the student must give the characterization, which specifies the name of the company where the internship, start date, and completion of the internship, performed by the trainee, information about standards, recommendations on assignment of the qualification category.