In order to checkwhat paid services and paid information of a subscription connected to your room at the moment, just dial the following combination: *152*2# and press "Call". This information is provided free of charge.
Please contact any showroom of the company "Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)" and ask the employee to disable paid services. To yourself you must have a passport. If the phone number is not in you, the salon needs to contact the person who is specified in the contract. Disabling unnecessary services also is free.
If you search for salon MTS no desire or time, you can contact customer service, typing on her phone number 0890. Following the instructions of IVR, click on "connect with a specialist". Explain to the employee of MTS that wish to disable paid services, call the passport data of the owner of the phone number and control information.
Also you can disable services yourself using the service "Internet assistant". Go to the official website of MTS, specify your region in the top corner of the page select "Login to personal Cabinet". If you have already registered, enter your phone number without the prefix (+7 or 8) in "Login" field, enter the password and click "Log in".
If the account is not created yet, to receive the password, tap the link "Get password". Specified in the field "Login" to the phone number you will receive a message with a password that you will use to login. Or dial on your phone dial *111*25#, click "Call" and then enter your password from 5-7 digits.
Log in to my account, click the tab "Internet assistant" and select "Rates and services". Moving through the menu, you will be able to get all the information you need and disable those services you don't need.