Disable SMS packages in two ways. The first text of the assistant, sending a message to a short number. The second – through the Internet, on the official website of MTS, with the help of the online assistant.
To deactivate the service using SMS assistant, send an SMS to the short number 111 with text appropriate for your SMS package. To disable the package of 100 SMS send 00100, 00300 for 300 SMS; 00500 for 500 SMS, 001000 for 1000 SMS. The phone should come a confirmation that the service is disabled.
To disable SMS through the Internet assistant, click on the link enter your phone number and password. If you are not registered in the Internet-assistant, follow the steps at this address:, registration will not take much time.
In the online assistant log in menu "Rates and services" in the left side of the screen, you will see a drop-down list, select "service Management" or click on the link "View list of facilities", in right side of the window.
The link will open a list of all services that are connected to you. Find connected you have the SMS package. Next to each service there is a button "Disable". Press it to deactivate the service.
Opens a window with information about the service. Click "Disable services". Wait for confirmation, it should come to your phone via SMS. If it will not come during the day, try to deactivate the service again.
If you can't disable any packet using SMS or by using the online assistant, please call the contact centre of MTS on number 0890 and ask for help to the operator by pressing "0".
One-time SMS bundles to disable is not necessary, one month service will be automatically disabled.