There are two main methods of disabling the distribution – it is with a message to a short number and using the service MTS - menu. This sms will disconnect you only from the information services offered MTS, i.e. you will not receive sms messages about promotions, new services, etc. to disable these notifications, send an sms to the short number with any content. You will receive a response indicating that the service was disconnected.
To re-enable the service, send an sms to the same number. The content of the message is also arbitrary. Short number you can find out by going to official site or by calling the operator. Charges for data, sms will not be charged. So if the operator took your money for the deactivation of this service, feel free to write a complaint. Get a room only at the official website because there were cases when the forum was given a short number that had no relationship to the cellular operator. The stolen money you no return.
And here are promotional sms service "MTS – klik". This service, built into all new cards SMS provides a system that sends promotional messages on specific topics. These topics can be edited by going to MTS - Menu, select "MTS Click My themes". Through the same service menu you can disable the service, select menu language, sound notification and view the files sent to you messages. Disable the service if you do not wish to receive advertising messages. You will receive a notification that the service has been deactivated.