Before you can delete the subscription to MTS, you should learn their names, and to see the full list, in order not to delete one of them. This is best done using the service "Internet Assistant" which is available on the official website of MTS. Go through a quick registration in the system. You can use the specified on-screen instructions or immediately execute USSD-request *111*25# from your phone to obtain login details to the office via SMS.
As soon as the log in the "Internet Assistant" will be finished, click on the tab "Subscription". Carefully consider the list. To remove subscriptions to MTS through a personal account, just press the delete button next to each of them. In addition to subscriptions, you should become familiar with other sections of the personal Cabinet to remove all the unnecessary paid services. For example, to abandon news services and other paid services, refer to the "Rates and services" and select "Manage services". Pressing the "Disable" button, unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters and other paid services.
You can unsubscribe from subscriptions to MTS with the help of USSD-request *152*2#. As soon as you run it into your room you will receive an automatic message with information about the connected services and newsletters, as well as teams for their trip. In addition, you can contact the customer support service of MTS on number 0890, and delete subscriptions by following the prompts in the voice menu. If you press "0" will start the connection with the operator. Ask him to disable unneeded services or subscriptions. Finally, the necessary help you can provide employees or the nearest office of MTS communication. Contact there, taking with him a passport and mobile phone, and you disable a paid subscription on the spot.