To disable the service "Everywhere at home" at MTS enough to send a USSD-request *111*3333#. After that, you must come SMS that the service was suspended. You can also come a error message and the request to repeat the request after some time.
Alternative to the previous method – independent send SMS to the operator. To do this, enter in the text box "33330" and send to the phone number "111". If the operation is successful, you also need to inform with the response message.
To deactivate the service "at home Everywhere Smart" enough to dial USSD-request *111*1021#. You can also visit the online portal of the mobile operator, enter the phone number and password. After in active the menu item "manage services" click "disable" next to the chosen tariff.
If none of these methods is not suitable, you can call tech support MTS. To do this, dial the number "0890". To disable the service "Everywhere at home" or "at home Everywhere Smart", you will need to select the menu informing the item "fees and services" or contact Manager. Keep in mind that the call to technical support only when you are confident in your resiliency.