You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - the mobile phone.
Disable any services package from MTS with the help of the Internet. Type in the search engine Yandex or Google the word "MTS", to select the official site of the company "Mobile TeleSystems" and make it a personal account. To do this, enter your mobile number and create a password. Now you can manage all of the company's services in a private office. To disable a service package from MTS, you will need a password which you will receive after sending the request from your personal account.
Disable MTS services using cellular phone. To do this, type that's the phone shortcut *111*375# and then press call. About disabling services you will receive the SMS message. Remember that by disabling sending of services of MTS, you will cease to use informational texts, for example, when you request a balance. Sent you an SMS message about disabling services MTS will be free if you sent him to his home area, ie where was the SIM card. Otherwise, the service is chargeable, the cost depends on the conditions of roaming and your data plan.
To refuse the services of MTS you can use "Help MTS". From your mobile phone call to the number 0890 and follow the instructions mobile consultant. After dialing, press "2" then "0", wait until you will connect with a specialist contact centre. Describe to him the nature of your problem and wait for an SMS message about disabling services MTS.