You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - e-mail;
  • - a collection of poems of a poet girl;
  • paper;
  • envelope;
  • - live or dried flowers/petals;
  • - handle.
Select the method by which you want to write the girl a letter. Today I can do it using social networks, email, SMS or an ordinary sheet of paper and a pen. From the version of the letter depends on what you want to impress.
Please note, the books which authors the girl reading at the moment or who prefer classics. It can be both poets and prose writers. See which style of these authors as they know the word. Try to write something similar, only with the intended text. In case of failure just use the phrases of her favorite books – the girl will appreciate it.
The beginning is very important, so take time to reflect. Original to start the letter, remembering a funny joke, if that happened to you, or using an aphorism (from the category "Relationship", "Love"). Try to avoid the cliches, e.g., "I write to you...". This sort of classic is not very relevant and jaded.
Use foreign words and expressions, especially if the girl is interested in other languages. It looks impressive, will give your letter a touch of mystery and romance. Also can choose the language she did not know her personally, and translate all unfamiliar words and sentences. This option is great if you hesitate to write some things in Russian, or fear that they will be read by a third party.
Be natural in the letter, write first from the heart and from the heart. Be sure to check the spelling dictionary, if you are not sure in the correct spelling of any words. Carefully check the letter on the presence of word-parasites and punctuation errors. The letter, written in literate language, without the use of slang – a pleasant and original surprise.
Complete your letter, made the traditional way (on paper with a pen). Buy beautiful envelope, seal it. Inside lay the rose petals, joint photo, nice trinket. The girl will be happy to receive from you such a pleasant surprise.