Be yourself. You must be confident in your decision and act without hesitation. Because girls don't like insecure and indecisive men. Of course, this does not mean that you need to tell her about his own sympathy immediately after the first moments of your acquaintance. The best solution is to tell it to the end of the date.
Tell her about some stories from your life that involves you personally. See how the girl will react to it. This way you will be able to see you interested in her or not, and whether you have something in common.
Offer to meet the girl again. Invite her to go to any party or to the cinema. Remember: you want to "add" in the personal life of a person that you like. You should not say, "I like You and I wish you were with me." It is better to say: "I really liked it, so I would very much like to keep you forever in my life".
Show her that you care. Before you confess, give her flowers. For this, you can choose roses, gerberas or lilies. Just don't give carnations! By the way, the color is also important: choose red, pink or white flowers.
Change your beliefs at some points in your life: "If the girl does not fall for me, then I become the most miserable man on earth." You don't have to think, will be much better if you mentally say to yourself: "I would love to chat with her. But if she rejects me, then nothing bad will happen". You still have nothing to lose.
Remember that as a teenager, you told your peers that you like them. Just as soon as a person gets older, it loses some of its projdenyj skills. After all, the whole experience is a very large flow of information, constantly falls" on you and forces you to become more withdrawn and hidden. Your task is to not be that way. In any situation, be real and open person.