Ladies love compliments regarding the overall appearance, indicating that the girl always looks fantastic, and that it is not necessary to exert much effort. Her beauty is unique and unique. This kind of compliment a girl will be received with gratitude and a smile. Just emphasize the fact that you noticed her new hairstyle, the dress or the shoes, say that the depth of her eyes makes you drown in them. Only do not resort to platitudes, try to be unique and original.
If you want to please your girlfriend constantly, very suitable for this sincere compliments. Tell her how you want her, that she is your only love and the dream of a lifetime. Such compliments inspire confidence in vulnerable soul of the fair weaker sex and give rise to reciprocal feeling. A big plus sincere compliments in the fact that you can say day and night, and under all circumstances. They are particularly relevant in moments of physical intimacy.
Girls like compliments about their habits and Hobbies. If you emphasize her extraordinary skills in cooking, or knitting, the girl will be satisfied. Focus on the fact that she's so fragile, but can easily cope with a whole bunch of various chores and responsibilities, both at work and at home. Women love when men notice and appreciate their work.
If the nature of your women is romantic and gentle, make her a poetic compliment. You can endlessly compare it with the Queens and goddesses, call it the warm sunshine or Paradise bird. Accompany your compliment with a light Pat on the head or a gentle kiss. Girl romantic will appreciate a rush of tenderness and nice words. In addition, in order to please your mate, you can try to write her beautiful poems. Let, you do it not too successfully, maybe not even in rhyme, but your efforts will not go unnoticed.
If your beloved, on the contrary, you'll be a strong character and business acumen, sentimental, vanilla compliments it only angry. Tell her about how she's a great professional, and how you admire her wit. She will appreciate such praise. Well, if all your attempts to make nice to his girlfriend ended in failure, perhaps, she has too low self-esteem, and she's embarrassed to hear compliments in his address.