Use the words "Helpers". This line of thought is promising, because people buy equipment to help around the house. Make a list of such words and phrases: the secrets of the household, effective AIDS etc. do Not look at phrases such as on the end titles — they are designed to facilitate search options.
Explore the theme of "Speed". Some people at home in the first place put the ability to quickly finish everything. Approximate words and expressions: instant, quick, two-minute, etc. Make the list as complete as possible, to have a variety of alternatives. View specifications of the devices that are sold in the store — among them you can find ideas for names.
Use the theme "Magic button". There are people who are attracted to the mystery. They do not understand the operation of electronic devices but happy and surprised good commodity. Can come words: button, electronics, future, mini-factory, robot machine, etc.
Find the idea in the topic "Freedom". Once people were tied to the home because everything was done by hand. More appliances — more freedom. This subject is treated of words: liberation, time, independence, etc.
Use the subject "Housewife". Some women can quickly, effectively to maintain the house in perfect order. They will be drawn to the words: cleanliness, order, discipline, comfort, etc.
Combine words and phrases into a single list. Received a set of thematic ideas. Connect words to create interesting options. Some candidate names are too long for the sign. Don't dismiss them because a good idea can be expressed differently, short words. It is important to obtain a basis for brainstorming. Maybe to something like: help button, a two-minute independence, etc.
Gather like-minded people and talk about the name of the store. The list will help to thinking in the right direction, and a good name will appear quickly.