You will need
  • Firm
  • Several staff members to brainstorm
Before you come up with the name of your company, you need to consider several points that you need to pay attention. The new name should be easy to remember, to remind existing brand names should not include prohibited words and translated into other languages do not indicate anything wrong. If these rules are met, go ahead.
Collect of the members of the creative group. Preferably, uneven. Read them the rules and start brainstorming. Write down all came to mind the words associated with the firm, firm's activity, simply beautiful and interesting-sounding, associated with positive emotions.
Then take the list and begin to discuss. Cross out possible names using the names or surnames of the founders, to avoid a situation where personal reputation may affect the reputation of the firm. Well, if the effect is for the better, and if Vice versa?
Next, imagine your potential customer, and based on this view, again, look at the remaining list of future titles. Editable list based on the needs and perceptions of service recipients.
At the end of brainstorming we leave two or three most suitable names and give them "rest up" for a few days (during this time, you can see whether they are busy with other competing firms). The final stage is the final selection of the firm name, and filing of documents for registration of a legal entity.