Consider the concept of the store. You have to decide if your product is intended for vehicles of several brands or one of them. If you concentrate on one make of car, its name logical place in the title. For example, customers will be car owners GAS.Add to this the word the right meaning to understand the purpose of the store. Such a word may be "details". The end result is the name of the "GAS details". Passing by the store will be clear, do you have something for their car.
Think about other features of the store. If your range is wide and you sell everything is produced for car a specific brand, it makes sense to indicate in the title - "All for GAS." Again, potential customers will pass.If the store offers goods on credit, the property can also be stress - GAS-part-credit". This method of naming the shop will work, if the title turns out not too long.
Think about future plans. If you are planning to open several stores in the city, the name may not be associated with the brand of the machine. Come up with a name can become a brand when he begins to learn. In this title, you can use short, easy to remember word, even if it is not semantic meaning. Called "váci utca" is an example.In a store the harder it will be to attract buyers in the first stage. But buying something once, they will not forget the name and not confuse it with anything.
Some people are established business like a child, put him in all the soul. If this is the case in your case, reflect in the name of something dear to you, what are the memories. If in childhood you had a dog named "Angier", so what your store.Others the name is unclear, but it will be unsinkable. Similar word is also able to become a brand, when entrenched in people's memory.