The name that will be memorable, descriptive and short as possible, visitors will easily be able to perceive and advise your shop to friends and acquaintances. The name of the store is its main promotional tool. When you select a name for your store, remember that it must match the nature of the activity. If the name is given to store building supplies, then it must be associated with construction.
For many, the naming is a more complex process than the actual opening of the store, restaurant or supermarket. A good title can get to talk about him in the media and on the streets.
It should also pay attention to the special service "naming". Its essence is that the specialists of this service and pick up a variety of options that align with your business and the specifics of your retail outlet. Then they are required to check the options in the databases to make sure that all names are unique. In addition, experts check variants in several European languages, slang vocabulary to eliminate ambiguity of the name.
For example – unfortunate name for a grocery store will be a "Fashionista" or "Bully". These names are more suitable for clothing.