Advice 1: How to come up with the name for clothing store

The store name should be simple and attractive in pronunciation, spelling and catchy and original. The title is, in fact, the main promotional tool outlets, so it is desirable that it would not be that ambiguity and, at least indirectly reported about the main direction, i.e. the offered goods. To come up with a name for a clothing store, you can not only connect the imagination, but observing certain rules.
How to come up with the name for clothing store


Use the name of a clothing store name or the name of the owner. For example, "clothing Store "Anna", "Clothes from max", "Ivanov" (Ivanov), "Petrovsky" (Petrov), etc. You can show maximum imagination and to generate the store name from the names of family members or co-owners. Say, "Olart" (Olga and Artyom), "Vital" (Vitaly and Alex), "Janie" (Jeanne and Nicholas). Options – hundreds. The main thing to get loud and beautiful.

For the name of the clothing store is fine and beautiful names. For women's clothes – "Marina", "Julia", "Helena", "Natalie", for men – "Vitaly", "max" ("max"), "Borislav", for children – "Masha", "Xenia", etc.

The neighborhood or street

If the neighborhood or street where the store is located, are beautiful name, you can give the point of the same name: "Anniversary", "West", "the Sun". Avoid templates, and nonsense ("the Clothes on Krupskaya"). Can use other local names – rivers, lakes, mountains, etc.

Target audience

Think of a store name, given the target audience – the people focused range of clothing offered to customers. What do you sell? The top women's clothing? Men's suits? Light coats and raincoats? Clothes for the house? As they say, must dance from the stove: "Empire costumes", "elegant", "Lady Autumn", "Ledisi", "Peace coat", "Gentleman", "Podium", etc.

Foreign fler

Today very popular are the names of the shops with the inclusion of foreign letters or entire words. "ОдежDa", "Одеждоff", "ОдеждаLand" (country clothes), "Clothing city" (town clothes), CostumEmpire (Empire costumes, Best-Apparel (best clothing). The main thing is not to overreact and not make the shop a laughing stock because of the awkward title.

Literature to help

Browse documentary or artistic works of known writers, historians and find out what the signs were placed over the doors of their shops, the merchants, selling clothes. Often they wore the names of the owners, but there was also a "Best costumes", "Passage Zaytseva, "European fashion", "Fashion store", "Fashion clothes like hot cakes".


Name of clothing store, using associations, which arise in the minds of consumers with a certain product. Any associative array can be arranged in relation to, for example, shop summer clothes for women? Summer, sundress, heat-Jul, beach, rest, clothes for summer, Flirty... Or relative to store jackets and coats: spring-autumn, rain, raincoats, clothing from the weather, fashion for the weather, season, wind rose... If you build a wide associative array, something will come across on a suitable name for your store.

Finally, you can use for the store name, the names of the Greek gods (Zeus, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Adonis), and just the sonorous, beautiful and vivid words and phrases that are irrelevant to clothing without, however, causing positive emotions and the favor of the consumers: "Aelita", "Venice", "Madame Bovary", "Sakura", "South wind", "Malibu", etc.

Advice 2 : How to name a clothing store

It would seem, things are easy when everything is ready and remains only to think of the name of his store. It is not so easy, because a good name is hard to find, so much so that it corresponded to the contents, easy to remember and liked buyers.
How to name a clothing store
Oddly enough, the name can affect the success of the store. As said Captain Vrungel, "As you a boat name, so it will float". Your income depends on sales, sales - buyers and buyers - on the popularity.
Think is quite memorable, descriptive name of your shop. Limit yourself to only one or two words in the title. The title should be straightforward and easy to easily passed from mouth to mouth.
Then your title should match what you intend to sell it. For example, it is incorrect to call a food store "Bytes", so it would be correct to call the store computers or office equipment.
Now, when you mentioned all the important features when developing a title for your store, you can consider some examples of names of specialty stores.
For sale products actual names such as: alpha, House, Optima, Lakomka, Minima, etc.
For shop furniture: Your home, Interior, Comfort, etc.
For flower shop: Flower Paradise (or the world), Florist, etc.
The name to store household chemicals can look like this: Aromatherapy, Snow, Shine, etc.
Each year the shops become more and more. So, be careful opening your establishment, try to use individual and interesting name.

Advice 3 : How to name a clothing boutique

In each case an important role is played by the way are you the business called. To cite the famous line from the cartoon "captain Vrungel's adventures" too and it is also obvious that a memorable, well-chosen name for the store – if it is not half the battle, the third certainly. Especially when it comes to the store of fashion clothes. The name itself must work to increase sales. But sometimes to come up with a good name can be very difficult.
How to name a clothing boutique
If you decide to open your own boutique of clothes, the simplest (though not cheapest) is franchising. You can simply buy the franchise for the store opening are already known world or Russian brand, and then the question of the name will disappear by itself – buyers would have to attract famous, popular brand.
Boutique generally means a store that sells clothing in only one brand. If you open a boutique, not through a franchise agreement, and your boutiquewill sell clothing only one brand, then that brand is not yet known to the buyer, therefore it is possible to give the boutiqueat the name of this brand.
If the boutiquewill sell clothes of several brands, here already it is necessary to connect the imagination. First of all, think about what is boutiqueand will be the target audience. Whether it's women, men, teenagers, children or even animals. Namely starting from this factor you can easily think of a name.Boutique women's clothes can be called a female name, good, beautiful, harmonious female names a lot in all the languages of the world. You might even want to give the boutiquegot its name. Also for female boutiques are great "flower" names. You can take for the name of some abstract concept. Most popular in this case, foreign names, like "Beauty", "Amore", etc. But keep in mind that already hackneyed words and expressions (like mentioned just above) have become boring and hardly seems buyers of the original. Boutique men's clothing can also be called a male name, and you can choose the name of the word, is very suitable for men. For example, to translate the word "strong", "courageous" and others.Same is the case with the names of children's boutiques – proceed from the interests of the target audience.
On the Internet there are programs, able to analyze the words and telling about the impression a name makes. That is, if you enter there planned the name of the boutiqueand the program will tell you what people will call it a word, like "hot" or the word "cold", "hard" or "soft", "sharp" or "smooth". It's called phonosematic analysis. Such analysis is important if you want to attract the largest number buyers, be sure to take advantage of them.
In the end, you can make a brand for your name or surname and name of the boutique that way. If it goes, then you, in addition to its boutiqueand will still glorify his own name.

Advice 4 : How to call a lingerie store

You plan to open a shop of ladies underwear? At the first stage, give it an interesting name. A good name will help to choose the design and range of future store.
How to call a lingerie store
The process of selecting a good name for the shopand can take a lot of time. Brainstorm with partners or family members. Make all interesting names in a separate notebook. Mark the ones you particularly liked. Let this list will always be at hand – an interesting idea may come to mind at the most unexpected moment.
For the names of the clothes shops often use female names (Mary, Anna, Margaret), names of flowers (Lily, Orchid, Mimosa), just words (whim, an illusion, a silhouette). However, all these names do not carry any meaning – they can wear the store's perfumes, women's clothing, beauty salons, and other institutions, which are not related to underwear. If you want to write on the sign something like that, think of a more original phrase – for example "Night violet" or "Lily of the valley".
If you plan to sell exclusively women's range, consider names like "Bachelorette party", "Lady's Caprice", "women's stuff" or "Women's secrets". The interior of the storeand under this guise should be soaked in warm colours, and the assortment can include a lot of accessories like a sachet, perfume and other cute little things. Boutique, called "Ladies confection", "Cousin" or "Boudoir" can be designed in a retro style – dark wood, colorful Wallpaper on the walls, massive shelves antique.
A good idea is to beat in the title of materials from which linen is made, or the name of the toilet. Listen carefully to the sound of the word and associate it with the products you plan to sell. For example, the boutique, "Ajour" or "Lace" suggests that it offers graceful fancy underwear. In MAGAZINe "Silk and velvet" can sell expensive clothing, and "Pajama" day and nightwear made of cotton.
Be careful with erotic and sexual overtones. "Salon kitty", "Emmanuel", "Magdalene", "Empire of passion" – such names like men, but in the salons of ladies' underwear male consumers are a minority. If you offer a classic range, look for the name without the unnecessary associations.
The name should sound soft, feminine. Choosing it, pay attention to the words comprising the letters "W", "W", "m", "l". Avoid too roaring sounds of the letters "s", "h", "z" – they sound too hard and ugly look of the sign.
For the ladies shopand not suitable humorous names like "Trussart" or "shop panties". Not a good idea – writing in foreign languages and the combination of Cyrillic and Latin in a single word. Refrain from distorted words like "Azur", "Caprice" or "Baltoil" - they look too pretentious and old-fashioned.
Selection of future name depends on which product you plan to sell and, of course, from the target audience. Imagine a future client. How old is she? Where is she working or studying? Where dresses, what colors prefer? By answering these questions, you will draw a rough portrait of the average buyers. Assessing the future of the title, be guided precisely to her taste. Women who prefer the name "Cutie" or "Witch" are unlikely to be regular customers of the salon "Delicate" or "Transparent hint".
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