Use the name of a clothing store name or the name of the owner. For example, "clothing Store "Anna", "Clothes from max", "Ivanov" (Ivanov), "Petrovsky" (Petrov), etc. You can show maximum imagination and to generate the store name from the names of family members or co-owners. Say, "Olart" (Olga and Artyom), "Vital" (Vitaly and Alex), "Janie" (Jeanne and Nicholas). Options – hundreds. The main thing to get loud and beautiful.

For the name of the clothing store is fine and beautiful names. For women's clothes – "Marina", "Julia", "Helena", "Natalie", for men – "Vitaly", "max" ("max"), "Borislav", for children – "Masha", "Xenia", etc.

The neighborhood or street

If the neighborhood or street where the store is located, are beautiful name, you can give the point of the same name: "Anniversary", "West", "the Sun". Avoid templates, and nonsense ("the Clothes on Krupskaya"). Can use other local names – rivers, lakes, mountains, etc.

Target audience

Think of a store name, given the target audience – the people focused range of clothing offered to customers. What do you sell? The top women's clothing? Men's suits? Light coats and raincoats? Clothes for the house? As they say, must dance from the stove: "Empire costumes", "elegant", "Lady Autumn", "Ledisi", "Peace coat", "Gentleman", "Podium", etc.

Foreign fler

Today very popular are the names of the shops with the inclusion of foreign letters or entire words. "ОдежDa", "Одеждоff", "ОдеждаLand" (country clothes), "Clothing city" (town clothes), CostumEmpire (Empire costumes, Best-Apparel (best clothing). The main thing is not to overreact and not make the shop a laughing stock because of the awkward title.

Literature to help

Browse documentary or artistic works of known writers, historians and find out what the signs were placed over the doors of their shops, the merchants, selling clothes. Often they wore the names of the owners, but there was also a "Best costumes", "Passage Zaytseva, "European fashion", "Fashion store", "Fashion clothes like hot cakes".


Name of clothing store, using associations, which arise in the minds of consumers with a certain product. Any associative array can be arranged in relation to, for example, shop summer clothes for women? Summer, sundress, heat-Jul, beach, rest, clothes for summer, Flirty... Or relative to store jackets and coats: spring-autumn, rain, raincoats, clothing from the weather, fashion for the weather, season, wind rose... If you build a wide associative array, something will come across on a suitable name for your store.

Finally, you can use for the store name, the names of the Greek gods (Zeus, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Adonis), and just the sonorous, beautiful and vivid words and phrases that are irrelevant to clothing without, however, causing positive emotions and the favor of the consumers: "Aelita", "Venice", "Madame Bovary", "Sakura", "South wind", "Malibu", etc.