Trade linens, - fairly common kind of business. Therefore, the main task is to find for a new store unique and original sounding name. To avoid repetitions, carry out a thorough competitor analysis. Information about product availability and pricing will not prevent, however, the focus at this stage is to collect a database of already occupied names. Subsequently there are two options: to build up (to invent, an entirely new market name) or to mimic (to create a brand with the elements of imitation of existing (for example, "Belle Pastel" instead of "Belpostel").
To the name of the store was recognizable and attractive, you must study the audience and to create a portrait of a potential buyer. In this case, the main core of visitors will be women aged 25-45 years. Accordingly, the name could be more tender, feminine, associated with home comfort, family, warm relations. For example: "Sweet dreams", "Soft dreams", "Cozy morning", etc.
After you decide with the semantic part of the name, you go to its structural features. Decide how many words or syllables must contain the language will be written. If the product range is of foreign manufacture, high quality, exclusive - are justified more "luxury" title. For example, "BonTone", "Elite nights", etc.
The next step should be compiling a list of suitable names store. Write out all the words that are appropriate for the previously generated criteria. Ask them to join this process. After the ideas over, proceed to the analysis of each option.
Rate each word from the standpoint of compliance with the marketing idea, sound when spoken aloud, the ambiguity of perception.If you are planning in the future in addition to open an online shop, it is best to register a domain name corresponding to the name of the physical store.