Oddly enough, the name can affect the success of the store. As said Captain Vrungel, "As you a boat name, so it will float". Your income depends on sales, sales - buyers and buyers - on the popularity.
Think is quite memorable, descriptive name of your shop. Limit yourself to only one or two words in the title. The title should be straightforward and easy to easily passed from mouth to mouth.
Then your title should match what you intend to sell it. For example, it is incorrect to call a food store "Bytes", so it would be correct to call the store computers or office equipment.
Now, when you mentioned all the important features when developing a title for your store, you can consider some examples of names of specialty stores.
For sale products actual names such as: alpha, House, Optima, Lakomka, Minima, etc.
For shop furniture: Your home, Interior, Comfort, etc.
For flower shop: Flower Paradise (or the world), Florist, etc.
The name to store household chemicals can look like this: Aromatherapy, Snow, Shine, etc.
Each year the shops become more and more. So, be careful opening your establishment, try to use individual and interesting name.