You will need
  • A list of words (appropriate your favorite), sincerity and persuasiveness.
Do not use trivial words, such as "sun", "kitty", "Bunny". These words call all – friends, children and even strangers.
Focus your attention on the inner spiritual qualities of the girl, not the appearance. Highlight the hidden virtues of the beloved. The more advantages you will emphasize, the more sincere it will seem a compliment.
Be as specific as possible when saying kind words, or at least convincingly say them. To look more open, use of the word "because" with the description of obvious observations.
Build compliments on the facts known to both of you. You should not highlight the qualities, from which she wants to get rid of.
Be brief in saying kind words. Your statement should contain two or three thoughts.
Do not compliment the teachings. It needs to state the existing features and not contain a recommendation to improve them.
Do not exaggerate much reflected the positive qualities, only slightly. And then all turn into a mockery.