Try to show more tenderness when communicating, often call your friend by name, and even better to come up with some diminutive word will be meant only for her. Kitty and honey, baby or sweetie, then you are free to fantasize anything you like. The main thing that the girl liked.
Girls – sophisticated nature, they do not fit the rough style of communication adopted in the company of men. So try to show affection and in every day conversation. If you forget to ask how she was doing and the mood, as she slept and what dreams, will easily be able to avoid disappointing accusations of callousness.
Be gentle not only in words. Take a friend's hand when you walk in the Park. Or hug when you are watching a movie. Because the girls both want to feel a strong man's hand. And of course, don't forget about the kisses. A gentle kiss when meeting and when parting, and just for good mood, will become the magic key to the fulfillment of your requests and a good mood friend.
Show the tenderness of affection. Make your girlfriend a relaxing massage, or just gently stroke her hair. And it certainly won't doubt that you are the most gentle guy in the world. It is important not to overdo it. Women like gentle men, but I do not like when a man becomes a weakling. If you manage to catch that fine line between tenderness and pure male hardness, in the eyes of his girlfriend you'll be irresistible.