In the Russian language, decided to form an affectionate diminutive names from the "full" official name that appears in the documents. There are some very traditional methods of education such names, but the result is quite a large and varied list from which parents, relatives and just the people around can choose "home" is the unofficial name for a little girl to your taste.

Variants of the name Xenia, educated in traditional ways

You can go the easiest way: to form names based on the part of the name "xene" and adding to it the traditional diminutive suffixes. Can get the following: Ksenechka, ksenechka, Ksenochka, Xenicak, Ksenya, Ksenia (as an option – Csesa), Xenic, xenica.

The first and most common affectionate name, which is usually called Xenia, of course, Xenia. This can be made more tender by adding a suffix: the following adress. But part of the name of "Xue-" it is also possible to form a lot of interesting options: Ksyunya, Xura, Xuta, Ksunechka, Kutoka, Xura, Kurochka, XUXA or just Xue. But you can Ksyunya-Kizuna, if you like.

From the form of the "Xue" can also "reject" the initial letter and to interesting options, starting with "Xue-": Suta, Xun, Sonechka, Suceska, Suchocka, Susanka, Suchecka.

And you can still take inspiration and part "COP", adding all sorts slovoobrazovanie and massing: ksana, Ksenochka.

The latter option is formed from the root "San-", and it can also be used to form new affectionate names: Sana, Sania, Sania, Sanya, Sanushka, Sankyo, Sanocka.

You can drop the first letter of the name to form new affectionate names from part of the name "Saint". The result is not too common, but also have the right to exist options: Senya, Sanushka, Semyon, Senora, Sturua, Sanushka, Senecca and even Senicka (or Titmouse)!

Variants of the name Xenia, formed from the "popular forms of a name

Not superfluous to recall that the name Xenia is formed by two "folk" forms: Oksana (Ukrainian version) and Ekaterina (Russian version). And, therefore, can be called Xenia by these names and their variants.

So, on behalf of Oksana formed shape Oksanochka, Oksanochka, oksanka, Osmancik, ox etc. But on behalf of Aksinya can "produce" such endearing names as Oksanushka, Aksyuta, Aksana, Aksana, AXA, Aksyusha and even Asya.

Get creative

Fans to call their children "foreign" manners can also find options that sound pleasing to their ears and is able, albeit at a stretch, be considered a variant of the name Xenia. So, it can be called Xenia Oxy or Roxy.

Some fans of the original and a bit humorous names you can call Ksenia Cusance, Xuanze, Xyx, etc. Probably, some such names will not seem too affectionate but because they sound fun and defiantly couldn't agree more.

Of course, this is not a complete list of pet options for the name Xenia. If you want you can show imagination and come up with something completely original.