Attention to the voice

It is believed that the woman likes ears. This means that it is very important for what she says and how. Before to find the right words, pay attention to your voice, its timbre and intonation. How kindly he sounds? After all, intonation is the first thing any person perceives while interacting, and then begins to listen to the meaning.

To be initially confident in the warm feelings of a young man, a girl needs to hear in every phrase directed to her, love, care, attention and tenderness. The sharpness, coldness and even friendly tone can make her doubt your feelings.


Of course, the girlfriend I want to compliment, and it should be done. She will be pleased to hear that you appreciate it, recognize its advantages. But compliment compliment strife.

Duty avoid hackneyed phrases like "You look great today". And remember that a compliment is more valuable than it sounds trivial for your favorite. For example, if everyone recognizes her brilliant mind and extraordinary business acumen, make a compliment about her appearance – she will appreciate it. As the owner of a beautiful long legs and gorgeous figure tell her she's got an amazing radiant, intelligent eyes.

Then you notice a girl, surely she knows. Of course, your compliment will make her nice, but will not become valuable and exceptional. If you would notice any dash, not seen the others, but dear and sweet to you, she will make sure that your relationship with her is very special.

Kind words

Sometimes you want to call your girlfriend not just in name, but some kind word. Only here what? Listen to your intuition. Gentle words that you will select for your sweetheart, you can tell a lot about the true nature of your feelings.

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, bug, and other variations on the theme of the name of this animal suggests that the girl for you – especially desirable as an erotic object. Think about whether you are interested in it as a person?

Pussy, Cat, Kitten – is also the name of soft and furry animal, but the implication is different. In addition to the sensory component is respect and interest in the spiritual world girls – not for nothing the cat is considered to be one of the most mysterious animals.

Fish, my Fish, my Fish. Caught fish – a great success, and relationships, these are valuable and significant. But, in addition, fish is associated with something cold and slippery. Perhaps the girl did not reciprocate fully.

Musya, Pusey and other "kindergarten" babble says more about your attitude to his love for the game. Fun, cute, but then either the game will grow into something more serious, or end.

Candy, Bun, Dumpling and other words usually addressed the girls with a gentle nature and kind of curvy. If you dream that your girlfriend little, it is not so called – such nicknames only encourage her to stay chubby.

The sun, the Sun – it is commonly called, who is the center of the world, the main figure in your life, something very valuable and meaningful. If you always want to call a friend of the Sun, it is worth considering what areas of my life, but love, you do not have enough well-being.

Non-standard nicknames. There are words that no one but you would call your favorite, and you do another girl so unlikely to be called. Usually these nicknames have their own little story, known only to you two, and, therefore, very valuable and interesting.

In any case, how would you call your favorite, most importantly, she is also the nickname seemed cute, funny and nice.