Stop raising your voice. Do not cry, seeking understanding, when the opponent is near. Do not raise the voice nor the children, nor the man she loved. Children to withdraw, and the man cease to love. Even friends do not understand. No one has been able to beat anybody high decibels (except for Nightingale the robber). Cry convinces others of your helplessness and inadequacy. Look at yourself in the mirror when you foam at the mouth to prove his innocence. Eyes bulging, cheeks and forehead are red, veins on his neck stood out. Phew!
Listen more than you speak. And not just listen to him, and put yourself in his shoes, empathize. This will be reflected in the expression on your face and make the right quiet words of sympathy. Most often, people need that support. Your spouse expects from you for this behavior.
Change your behavior and habits. It is difficult to call a woman sweet and gentle, if she smokes, drinks beer from the bottle and curses. Stop to spit and throw things. You can be in the shower sweet and gentle, but to wear the mask of the savage and vulgar brawler. Remove the mask and put on another! In Japan believe that the mask on the face over time grows into the soul. If you keep your face long with a gentle and sweet expression, something in the end will fall inside. Around, getting used to you smiling, caring and affectionate, just let your negative feelings out. You actually will be.
If you like at all times, meet on clothes, change clothes. Change the image. Repaint the purple "Mohawk", uncheck the "leather biker jacket" and remove the piercing from the language. Try to go out in a cream lace blouse or a classic, elegant dress. Now very fashionable braids and natural makeup. Why don't you try yourself in this style? Your beloved will love the gingham dress with neckline ruffle and naive.
Do not argue with each and for any reason. Let us recall from Pushkin: "...and do not argue with a fool". Calmly and convincingly prove his innocence only to those who are dear to you, whose opinion really matters to you. Those you do not respect, listen to silence, and remained with his opinion and not wasting mental effort, get out. Well, if you're nice and gentle, it needs to be smart and proud. Believe me, no man will be proud of the wife-aggro.
Don't be afraid to be with someone you silly fool. Give him the opportunity to feel close to you strong and smart.
To keep the family peace
One there is a wise ploy:
I you have to be smart enough
That stupid look with you.
A woman can encourage your favorite for any exploits only tenderness and affection.