Call her cat: "kitty", "kitten", "kitten", "pussy", if you are soft and romantic nature. But women with "cat" nicknames can easily overwhelm you and begin to educate, so be careful in such affectionate names.
Call the girl his "Favorite", if you are looking for comfort and quiet after a hard day. "Favorite" treat their men with great attention and care. In the future, you will create a happy married couple.
Call sweetheart "sweetheart", "Honey", if you concentrated on work and career. Psychologists say that men who call their girlfriends, and are able to arranged marriage. Although it is not always necessary to rely solely on the opinions of psychologists.
Call a girl delicious pastry: "donut", "bun", a brownie or just a home "hostess", if you want to see it as home wife, who will be glad to spend time at the stove to feed you a delicious dinner. Psychologists say that such men appreciate home life, and easily willing to trade a trip with friends for the evening in a cozy circle.
Call a girl "Sweetie" if you want to have it always in mind to give you your rays. So calling a girl you lay your hand on her responsibility to always be on top, with a beautiful mood and a great sense of humor.
Call your girlfriend "Cute", if you like peace and quiet. "Sweetie" is hardly going to make a scene, shouting and smashing crockery. With it, you will be hard to find a reason to quarrel. Psychologists say that such men, as a rule, have a mild, docile character.
Call a girl "Babe", "Babe", if the most important sexual side of the relationship with the beloved. Psychologists say that this tan girl is always a lot of fun. But, unfortunately, something more, the girl will be hard to get you, maybe while you are just not developed.
Call the girl "Fish", if you want comfort and coziness. A girl definitely will create all the conditions and take care.
Calling a girl whatever pet name, remember that you impose on it certain responsibilities, and thus characterize themselves.