My Bunny

Despite the fact that the nickname "Bunny" is today one of the most popular, no need to think that girls like it especially. Of course, to call your favorite zaey cute and romantic, but your fiancee will think, what is it you account with such a diminutive name. After all, the man calling the girl by name may do so to avoid confusion in an infinite series of ever-changing girlfriends.

The kitty girl is also better not to call, even if your fiancee never read the novel "12 chairs" and make Parallels with the kitty by Vorobjaninova, the nickname is today sounds cliché, and even gross. Show originality. If you still want to pick up your girlfriend a nickname from the animal world, collect animals, less popular: Fox, squirrel, galchonok, and the like.

Refer to the literature

What girl doesn't melt, if you compare it with the ancient Greek goddess! Today men are very seldom called by their chosen Aphrodite, Athens, or Artemis – and for good reason. Of course, very wise, and therefore, it is better to choose the goddess, whose name is quite well known. For example, the girl will probably appreciate it if you would call her Aphrodite, because it is a symbol of beauty and femininity. Another option is to look through books on mythology to find a name, consonant with or similar to the name of your girlfriend. Just make sure that presenting such a favorite nickname, you give her the name of some mythical witch or deity of death and celibacy with the myths it is better to apply careful.

A lot of interesting options for how to name a favorite, can be found in old Eastern tales and the works of ancient poets. If you and your girlfriend – romantic nature, ornate, lace-like, treatment will be for you at the time.

The language of flowers

If the girl is slim and flexible, it is quite possible to compare with birch or vine. Blue eyes can become blue, the skin is tender, like a peach, and her lips red as a drop of blood or a rose! By the way, calling a girl a name of a flower or part of it – is also a very good option. Chamomile, rose, rosebud... choosing a name depends solely on your imagination.

But remember, not every girl likes to be called not by name. So before you start to fantasize on this topic, try to figure out how to relate to your "fish" or "crocodile" potential "victim". It happens that girls can not stand such nicknames so that we give the gentleman "from gate turn".