Gentle words, tender touches and loving looks – all men are willing to accept from the woman around the clock. Often the girl stopping to show affection to her upbringing. If she was a child was deprived of affection and received no example of such behavior from the mother, it is difficult to understand the relationship itself.
Get yourself some animal - you will come up with a lot of tender words, calling the pet "Musya-pusya", "Bunny" and other similar names. Your gestures and touching the pet will be gentle and touching. All this you can easily apply to the man.
Remember that you create your world, your relationship and bear responsibility for them. If you decide to be tender and gentle, looking for a strong man able to defend and protect this fragile girl. It is difficult to cultivate these qualities, having limp and weak partner. In this case, you will get the ability to be strong and courageous.
Affectionate girl and apparently needs to conform to the feminine image. Wear romantic dresses and skirts in pastel tones. Shoes should be elegant with thin straps and heel. The fabric of your clothes should be soft and pleasant to the touch.
Don't do aggressive makeover with long glossy arrows and bright vivid eye shadow. Instead of lipstick use "delicious" Shine. Care for face and body. Because caress is necessary so that your touch was like the light wing strokes of a butterfly.
Love the person next to you, then you won't look for a reason for affection. Do not leave for a long time to get used to living without tenderness and romantic evenings together.
Take a look at some famous melodramas about a tender and reverent love, to learn to be affectionate with a partner. Read the verses and touching tale classics.