You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
If the number or expression you want to apply simultaneously, and the operation of root extraction, and the construction of its degree, bring both actions in a single - exponentiation with a fractional exponent. In the numerator of the fraction must be the exponent, and the denominator the root. For example, if you want to build in the square of cubic root, then the two operations will be equivalent to one construction of the power⅔.
If the conditions required to build in square root with exponent equal to two, this task is not the calculation, and to check your knowledge. Use method from the first step and you will get the fraction 2/2, i.e. 1. This means that the result of raising to the square the squaretion of the square root of any number is the number itself.
If necessary, raised to a square root with an even exponent, it is always possible to simplify the operation. Since the two (the numerator of the fractional exponent) and any even number (the denominator) have a common divisor, then after simplification of the fraction in the numerator will be one and that means to involve in calculations, it is enough to extract the root with half the exponent. For example, in the construction of the square root, the sixth power of eight can be reduced to extracting from it a cube root, because 2/6=1/3.
To calculate the result in all indicators of the degree of root use, for example, a calculator built into the Google search engine. This is perhaps the easiest method of payment you have access to the Internet from your computer. A common substitute symbol for the operation of exponentiation is that such a "lid": ^. Use it when typing in Google search query. For example, if you want to build in square root of the fifth degree from among 750, formulate the query: 750^(2/5). After entering the search without even clicking send to the server will show the result of calculations with the accuracy of seven decimal places: 750^(2 / 5) = 14,1261725.