Use any calculator to calculate the roots with the exponent equal to two ("square"). A link to the software running the calculator can be found in the section "business" subsection "Standard" under "All programs" in the main menu of Windows. To calculate the square root of the interface button marked with symbols, sqrt (SQuare RooT - square root).
Use the calculator built into the search engine Nigma or Google, if you need the easiest way to figure out the value of the square root of any number. For example, if you want to calculate the root of a number 989, then go to the home page of any of these search engines and enter "root of 989". The designation used in the calculator Windows to denote this operation, you can apply here and request sqrt 989 will also be processed correctly by the search engine.
Use the built-in function ROOT, if you can attract to solve the problem spreadsheet editor of Microsoft Word Excel. To do this, run the application and enter in the first cell of the radical number. Then go to the cell in which you want to see the result of the calculation, and click the "Insert function" - it is placed above the table, to the left of the formula bar.
In the dialog that opens, select "Math" in the drop-down Category list, and then click in the list of the functions of the ROOT, and then click OK. In the window "function Arguments" select the cell with radical numbers - just click on it with the mouse. Click OK - Excel will calculate and display the value of the square root. You will then have the opportunity to change radical number, and the cell with the formula will display a value of a square root to a new value.