Advice 1: How to square a

The construction of a number in a square is called raising a number to the second power. In General, the construction of the degree – one of the algebraic operations that cause difficulty in understanding and implementing calculations. However, the need for the construction of the square is found in many mathematical and practical problems.
How to square a
So, to build the number in a square, we must multiply it by itself. At the same mathematical notation as follows:
A2 = a*a.
For raising to the square small enough numbers of the multiplication table. For raising to square two-digit numbers and more need a calculator or computer.
The main application area where the construction in the square, as the name implies, associated with the squareof the governmental objects – finding square and squareand squarefoot of the premises, pool or area; calculation of the number of cells in the squareNoi a table or matrix; determining the number of elements of any squaretion of the objects of seats in the hall, sprouts in the garden etc.

Advice 2: As you say " to the degree

The construction of the degree is one of the simplest algebraic operations. In everyday life the construction is rare, but on production, when you perform calculations – virtually everywhere, so it is useful to recall how this is done.
It is convenient to use a calculator
Suppose we have some number a, the degree of which is the number n. To build a number to a power means to multiply the number a to itself n times.
Consider a few examples.

To build the number 2 in the second degree, you must produce action:

To build the number 3 in the fifth degree, you must take action:

There is no generally accepted designation of the second and third degree numbers. The phrase "second degree" is usually replaced by the word "square" instead of the phrase "the third degree" usually say "cube".
As can be seen from the above examples, the duration and the complexity of calculations depends on the magnitude of the exponent of the number. Square or cube – a relatively easy task; raising a number to the fifth or greater degree already requires more time and accuracy in calculations. To accelerate this process and to avoid errors, you can use a special mathematical tables or a scientific calculator.
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