You will need
  • Icon Of Jesus Christ
  • The Icon Of The Virgin
  • Other icons, if desired.
The number of icons in the iconostasis of the home must be at least two. Best of all, if it's images of Jesus Christ and the virgin. These icons must be present in every home. In addition to these icons, it would be nice to keep the way of the saints, which are named in honor the tenants, and the images of locally venerated saints. It should be noted that the icon of St. Nicholas is revered equally with the Holy face of the Saviour and mother of God, and it is present in every Orthodox family. Having icons in the house, should be guided by the principle of hierarchy. The top should always be the images of Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, the mother of God. The icon of the virgin should be on the left from the icon of the Lord.
If you have written and printed icons, give preference to the first. Due to the spiritual connection of the iconographer, the icon he created is valued much higher than any factory.
Design icons jewelry. Often the icons placed in the so-called reliquaries (decorated with Basma, as do many churches). Very often finish with a garment. Also icons can be decorated with fresh flowers. For the holidays of Pentecost and the Holy Trinity iconostasis decorated with sprigs of birch, as a symbol of the thriving Church. Large icon frame white or embroidered towels.
The choice of location for the icons in the house. The coming of Christ is expected from the East, because to pray should face toward him. Accordingly, the iconostasis should be in this side, preferably in the corner. When the location of houses outside the East side, in the red corner you can equip, focusing on the nearest Church. If in the East there are aisle and window, you can set the iconostasis, on the wall of any home, because in the Church the icons are located on all walls. It is only necessary to observe a certain distance in front of the icons, that I felt complete freedom and openness in prayer. Beside the icons is impossible to put equipment and furnishings symbolizing peace.