The service "Answering machine" enables subscribers, for any reason, you do not have callers to leave a personal message, listen to which you can as soon as they appear in the network. Even if the caller can't tell on your phone, you still know who tried to call you (once you make contact, you will receive an sms-message indicating the number of a missed incoming call). Date and time of this call also will be listed.
The connection and disconnection of the service "Answering machine" is billed in accordance with your tariff plan (find out the cost by calling from a mobile on number 0611, calling your subscriber number and surname). If you already use this service, but for some reason want to disable it (not agree to additional write-offs, this service you don't need, since you are on a network, etc.) dial digit combination *110*010#. Then press the call button. Immediately after that service will be disconnected and your phone bill will no longer be charged for further use.
Disable the service "Answering machine" from the "Beeline" can also logging on to the official website of the company ( in section "Personal Cabinet". To do this, enter your username, password (if you have not registered, please register). Go to "Services", select "Voicemail" and select "Disable".
Help to disable this service you may specialist contact center "Beeline". Dial the number of the inquiry service of the company (0611), wait for the operator answers, indicate the purpose of the call (disabling the service "Answering machine"), and a specialist will promptly comply with your request.