You will need
  • push-button telephone
Dialed the main number of the organization that we call. After the call is answered, listen to the greeting electronic answering machine. Typically, the answering machine lists the extension numbers available for dialing the caller.
PBX, which give the ability to redirect calls to specific telephone working in tone mode. So, I waited until the answering machine greeting, we translate our telephone mode tone dialing. To do this, click either the Asterisk *, is located below the main keys with numbers, or specifically designed for the mode switching key set the "Pulse-Tone". If your phone initially operates in the mode tone dialing switch again it is not required.
Wait two or three seconds which are necessary for the apparatus to switch to another mode. Next, type the extension number of the person we call. If you use tone dialing, we hear in the tube characterized by short signals of different frequencies. This property of tone dialing, which would mean that switching the phone into the appropriate mode was successful.
Quite often calls in any office of the Secretary will be responsible, if needed, connects callers to a specific employee in the workplace. Also prevalent is the failure switching in the PABX, in which you will get to the wrong person, who called. If you answered the Secretary, or another employee, say that you have failed to connect with the right person and ask the caller to dial you extension number. It is perceived as absolutely normal workflow, and you most likely will help.