You will need
  • stationery, telephone numbers of recipients, log outgoing correspondence, telephone communication
Prepare the text of the telephone message. Present the message briefly, the recommended volume of text – no more than 50 words. If the message contains a reference to the event, to be held in the future: meeting, meeting, the drafting of the act, etc., then make sure you have a specific place and time of the event.
The text shall be written so as to exclude the possibility of double interpretation.
Fill in the telephone message on paper to the design rules Director's letter. Thus, the document text should be assigned to the account: a unique number and date. The telegram is signed by the person on whose behalf it was submitted.
Define the receiver of the telephone message. If several recipients in addition to message text, make a list of recipients. This list is made on a separate sheet, it lists the names of organizations that should be transmitted the telephone message and the corresponding phone numbers.
Register a telephone message log of outgoing correspondence. If the telephone is a rare phenomenon in your document, to check General journal. In that case, if you regularly resort to this method of information transfer, get phone messages to a separate log, so it will be easier to navigate.
To call the recipient and ask them to take a telephone message. Find out and fix the position, surname, name, patronymic of the person receiving the telephone message.
Tell the other party:
- title, surname, name, patronymic of the person on whose behalf the message is sent;
- his position, surname, name, patronymic and phone number.
Dictate the text of the telephone message. After you've submitted the text, ask the subscriber to re-read the message to validate her account.
Find out the caller for an incoming registration number of the telephone message, write it down.