You will need
  • Computer, Internet, website
Before you can create caps, you can create a picture for the website headers which will depend only on your imagination. You need to upload the picture to your hats for the hosting, the fix don't forget that the name must be in English or select the name of the type 1.jpeg the fix is done via any file Manager (FAR Manager for example).
Right-click the mouse on the page of your site in the system Ucoz . Select "General", then "control Panel". Enter the password. After confirming the password, go to "Design" - "template Management".
Find the global block "Top site", locate the downloaded file called 1.jpeg. If not found, go to "control Panel" - "Management of design" "CSS stylesheet". Here you will find your lost file 1.jpeg.
Once you find the desired file, find the link to the file, which is installed as standard on your site. Replace the reference to this standard file, a link to your file (in this case это1.јред). Restart the page and enjoy the new header on your site!
On the same principle, you can replace any background of the site, blocks or the whole design style. Remember! You only need to change the link, don't forget to save quotes. If for some reason you have changed the phone number and e-mail, just update information in your "Personal Cabinet".
Go to "my account" using your username and password. Then select a section called "Settings". Enter a new your e-mail address and phone number. Enter your current password and click "Save".