Complete your cover sheet. The report more or less free form of documentation. However, in some cases you must specify where you intend to provide this document. Write it in the upper right corner of an A4 page. Approximately in the middle of the title page write the title "Report", and in the next line - "on such-and-such conference" (concert, exhibition, etc.). Write down the time and place of the meeting. Format it all in the center.
On the first page of the document write how many people attended. To count them in different ways. Data on the number of delegates to the conference or meeting is in the minutes. If we are talking about a concert or exhibition, we can offer our guests Souvenirs. The number remaining after the event folders or pens with the logo you accurately count how many you had at the hotel. The number of participants in folk festivals or rally can be set only approximately.
Specify the purpose of the event. It can be educational, entertaining, etc. Tell us about who were and what rooms, what questions were asked, how the audience reacted. The conference report resembles the Protocol, but is a freer form of presentation. In a report on the opening of the exhibition or concert write what was dedicated to this event, who is its main hero, with what he made. If the event consisted of several parts, give summaries of each. Of course, there is no need to prescribe in detail how you did each break, but that the conference consisted of plenary sessions, working sessions and receptions, to mention. Also don't forget to tell about who, besides the artist, spoke at the opening of the exhibition.
Tell us what props you used. Was he prepared in time enough if you allocated money. Do not forget about the hardware. Attach the estimate.
Give a brief analysis of the event. If all that was planned, managed to take the lead? Determine what worked best and what needed a little work. Ask what conditions are necessary to further such activities were carried out at a higher level.
Indicate were there on your event , the representatives of the media and who. The data can be recovered from the member of the organizing Committee responsible for press work. If we are talking about the conference, the summit, a scientific seminar, etc., the data should be responsible for registration. You can specify that the event in such media were such for materials.