Write your opinion in the genre of the review. It is designed for the evaluation of works of art. In the introduction tell the reader about where the exhibition is held, what it is dedicated. Briefly describe the concept of events in the form in which it has formulated themselves curators – they usually announce that kind of information in the opening post or in an announcement on the website of the Museum or gallery.
Relate the formal concept with the fact that you saw the exhibition with my own eyes. You can move from General to specific and the first to describe the impression I got from all the works as a whole. And only then to speculate, whereby the impression formed. Either use the method of induction. Discuss in detail on all significant work. If in this case it is important, tell us about the Creator of each object, its creative evolution, the favorite. Assess each piece, arguing it. And then draw a conclusion: did the organizers realize the stated idea, could the average visitor to notice and feel. In the final text briefly describe your impressions of the exhibition.
If you want to make the text more dynamic, living, use the form and techniques of reporting. The essence of your narrative will not change – you will need to analyze all of those same aspects of the exhibition. But the formation of your impression needs to happen "in front" of the reader. For this you need to describe everything that happens in real time and first person. Of course, we should not focus on insignificant details of your campaign, but it is important to maintain the illusion of continuous motion time. Enclose text in living pictures illustrating the mood of the evening. Add "overheard" an interesting replica of visitors. Add the rating of curators and ordinary viewers. It will make your findings more understandable and logical for readers.