Advice 1: How to write a review for the concert

The review is a good opportunity to share their impressions about the concert, collect all the thoughts together and put them on the shelves. But that it wanted to read the others, it must be written well and interesting.
How to write a review for the concert
To review turned out mellow and clear, before writing it, make a plan. Highlight the main points you want to cover, arrange the events in chronological order, make notes on those items for which you already have ideas. The plan will help to follow the structure of the narrative, not to forget important details and not to make too many unnecessary digressions.
Write the introduction to the review. In it, you can specify basic information about the speakers group, to tell me what was the reason for your visit (if visiting speakers). Also in the introduction you can write about their expectations before the concert and tell about how they were confirmed or not.
Write everything in detail, preferably in chronological order. Describe the mood that prevailed in the hall before the concert about how the musicians came on stage, they communicated with the audience or just played their set. Separately tell about played songs. Note the ones which caused the greatest response in the audience. If some of them were completely new songs (or, conversely, have not been performed), and be sure to mention about it.
Tell us about concert costumes speakers: they were present or not. Write about how typical it for them. If the concert was a theatrical, or attended by invited guests, in more detail tell about it in my review.
Give a General evaluation to the last concert. Highlight its strengths and weaknesses. Focus on what mistakes were made, how they can be avoided. If you have a interview with the musicians, which they gave before or after the concert, insert the review the most interesting excerpts. If you wish, comment on them. Such remarks will make the review more interesting and meaningful.
Proofread to find and correct errors. Remove the excess, rewrite phrases that are difficult to comprehend. Let me review one of your friends that they pointed out the shortcomings of the material.

Advice 2 : How to write a review for the song

After reading the varying reviews you can form an opinion about a certain song. Therefore, the development of such a review requires an objective assessment. Try to convey to the reader the most accurate information that will help them to draw their own conclusions.
How to write a review for the song
You will need
  • - recording of the song.
Listen carefully to the song several times. Not always possible to understand the meaning and beauty of music immediately after reading. If you have a music terminology, then analyze for yourself the key of the song, arrangement, break up the composition of the party, make sure the total harmony. However, it is necessary only in those cases if you write a review for highly specialized publications, or to order.
Specify the style of the song and the sound of music. Check the quality of the recording, trying not to compare it with the previous works of the contractor. Tell the reader that you were surprised and delighted while listening. The only exceptions are cases where the whole album in order is better or worse than its predecessor. Briefly, it is better in one or two sentences, describe the meaning of the song. Note the original composition and the new trends in design.
Find out as many details about the song. Perhaps, its creation coincided with some significant event in the life of the artist. Try to make in your review, not previously publicized facts. Be objective, irrelevant detail will not give your reader any reason for interpretation. Try to perform the work as something completely new. Do not write clichés, otherwise your review will be a clone of the million other descriptions.
Write a review, not starting from their personal relationship to the contractor. Be honest, regardless of whether you go to every concert of the singer or trying to get his work party. The review should not only consist of negative information or praise. Remember, what you write is about the song.
Useful advice
Do not read other people's reviews work, otherwise it will create a Association with the song after you will not be able to clearly justify their opinions.
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