At the beginning of the report, specify your objectives at the beginning of the school year and inform whether it was possible to achieve them.
Next, list the methods and techniques that were used to achieve the goals. For example, in taking up the challenge "to achieve responsible attitude of students to learning", was planned and carried out the classroom clock or individual talks with children about the benefits of knowledge or future career choices (high school).
Will advise in the report how you have progressed in the class government. For example, you could organize the work of the various groups, sections, or councils (clubs of "Young theatre", "Press-center", etc.). Note also how justified was, in your opinion, this form of self-reliance and activity in children.
List those areas that you particularly paid attention to working with the class in the current academic year. For example, you could select the priority of spiritual and moral or Patriotic direction in their activities.
Indicate in the report what activities are in accordance with the selected direction have been carried out in the classroom. Will inform the subject and the date of the class hours, competitions, quizzes, themed parties, etc. also Write about how many of your students were involved. Reflect in the report and the results achieved (the presence of the winners in the competitions, KVN, quizzes, testimonials from invited to meet veterans, etc.).
Report the form of work with parents (individual counselling, home visits, parent meetings, inviting specialists, family events, sports events, joint field trips, camping, etc.). Be sure to note in the report what results you have achieved: to unite the team, to arouse the interest of parents in the life of the class, to resolve the looming conflict of parents and children, etc.
Reflect in the report information, how engaged your students in various sections. If there is growth in extracurricular activities of children, please indicate this in the document.
Also inform about any changes in the behavior of children, their attitude to each other, to teachers, to school, to work for the last academic year, and how you managed to achieve this.
If your class participated in school-wide events, and quite successfully, write about it, putting their name and date.
At the conclusion of the report write, in which direction work with the children you failed to achieve the planned results, and how you plan to fix it in the next academic year.