First of all, you need to consider to come up with something completely new you unlikely. So start with a simple search of associations. The name of the musical group must be bright, beautiful and carry meaning.
An important role plays the fact, what kind of creativity is devoted to the activities of your team. It is obvious that for any direction you can find the stereotypes in the names. So, women's dance groups often have the title prefix of “Dance”. Try to escape from such obsessive standards.
Choosing the name, is to analyze the age of the participating groups. For example, women over thirty would be too vulgar to be called "Cherry" or "Strawberry", and the staff of girls 16-20 years old are already out of date by age baby names.
Quite a good solution would be to reflect in the name style of music or dance. It does not necessarily have to be direct prefixes like "Rock" or "Pop...". Pick the associations that will be easy to understand by the public. For example, "Scheherazade", for women's groups engaged in East dances.
A popular band created the name by adding first letters or entire syllables of the names or surnames of the participants. You can try to experiment with your initials. They can even develop into a meaningful word or phrase.
Be inspired to create the group name in the common interest. Surely girls spend a lot of time together, and have what like them all: magazines, stores, clubs, sports, flowers, etc. Can get productive conversation, in which interesting ideas are born about the name.
Try to use a foreign word in the name of your team. If you have already gained some base variants of the name in Russian, try to translate them into English, German, French etc, you will meet interesting, more balanced sound of the same phrases.
The name of the team should be catchy and memorable, especially if we are talking about the women's group, which on the stage very much. Even if you were not able to come up with original names or you consciously decided to make it stereotypical, try to fit in one or two words, not more.