Should not be used for the command name is just one word, especially if it has an abstract value. For Example, Deluxe, Debut, Impromptu. Such names have no emotions and will fit, most likely, for the name of any organization, but not for the team. It is not necessary to name the team the title of the movie or song, because you have a fantasy, why copy what is already invented?
Call the team of your city's "Team" just in case, if in your city there is no such name. If such a command already exists, and you want to have in the title the word "Team", call themselves "Antiporda of the city."
Remember, the name usually creates the image of the team and the subjects of her jokes.
Invent a team name to all staff. Let each team member write on a leaf for 5 potential names, and then you choose any version.
Play with words and phrases. Now the way these titles are very popular. If the WHC is held in the school and you specialized class, for example, in literature, suitable for titles of works of art, only slightly beaten. The team can be called "Dead sushi", "War and grease". A lot of options.
Fun team names are obtained by replacing words in consonant, followed by a second violation of idioms. If you are a mathematical class, variants of names, no less. For example, "the Bonds of the hypotenuse", "Cones and bonuses" etc.
Use a name with a geographical component, so all at once and will remember where you came from. And you will glorify the city or oblast. Examples of such teams, "Makhachkala tramps", "Ural dumplings", "Tambov wolves", etc.
Consider all of the options and you will definitely find what you need. Good luck!