If you are the author and have not yet picked up the full composition, find the title on this principle. Write down all the requirements for the repertoire of the future group: style, complexity, genre, number and gender of performers, voices, etc. Every feature you write on a new line. Just in case next write down the translation of these characteristics to other known languages: English, French, Spanish, Latin.
On another sheet write down in the same column, the requirements to the theme song lyrics, philosophy and everything that you Express in the project through the words. Next to it write same translation into other languages.
On the third sheet write down the requirements for scenic images of the performers, especially the choreography and set design, the specific details of the costumes, colors, and anything else that can be linked with gesture and plasticity. Again write transfers.
Cut the sheets to the columns. Combine the words from all three sheets together. If necessary, change the form of words, nouns take adjectives and Vice versa. Use words from different languages in order to achieve optimal sound.
Exclude sheets with lists and columns one by one, leaving only two words. The procedure requires a long time, but rest assured that among this vast multitude of combinations are sure to find a title that you like.
If you have a team already formed, as the name can use the sum of date of birth, first or last letters of names or family names, items names of their native cities. Write down all the similarities in few of the columns by the first principle, and combine them until you find a name that you are satisfied. As in the previous method, use the same names in different languages to increase the options and improve choice.
In any case, before the final decision make a list of names that you like equally as much or simply can come. Then gradually otzivite extra options until only one name.