Determine the direction of the dances that the group performs. Highlight three to five key words characterizing the team and all its direction. In the areas of dance, this may be the other details: the love of certain genres of film and animation, philosophy, religion, place, or event. Can use a shared hobby, for example, sport shooting, reenactment fighting or something else.
Under each category write down a few words-terms that characterize the behavior of each group member and the group as a whole. At this stage, don't limit yourself, write everything you can remember. Let it be a kind of brainstorming. You can choose by yourself or together with all participants.
Among the list are deleted one by one all the words that you do not like and do not correspond to the General mood of the group. Better to cut a few words in "rounds": first half, then fourths, and then one at a time. Listen to the participants who choose the name together. Don't insist on your version, which is not like most.
From the variety Express from one to three words. Make of them the phrase in accordance with the logic of the Russian language, but leave some paradox or an element of humor. Use simple in word pronunciation. Easier fans will remember such phrases easier.