Advice 1: How to name a group for girls

Invent the name - often the most difficult. It so happens that the essence has already been elaborated, and the text is written (if, say we are talking about some artwork), but the name somehow does not occur. It is necessary to contrive so that it not only invented, but also how accurately render the essence.
How to name a group for girls
The harder it is to come up with the name of the group. This group is likely to Facebook or other similar networks. Therefore the name must fulfill several functions: to attract attention of target audience - those people who needs to join the group; not to scare them away; as precisely as possible to convey the concept of the band, ie: what it is dedicated to whom it's meant, what its aims are and so on. The title should be as beautiful as we are talking about girls.
Of course, all these factors are very difficult to take into account, it's very difficult to Express in one word, one phrase, one sentence. Though often it so happens that the name of the group takes a few lines in a row, usually the name corresponds to the compressed form: it is easier to read. Therefore, when choosing a name build on that. Examples of names without knowing the specifics of the group, lead difficult.
Can hold a poll in the group, as long as it is only your friends, or friends while in itself a promotion of the group (if you do need the most promotion) has not yet begun. Ask what name they would prefer to give the group? Can pre-compile a list of possible names and invite friends to choose the best, thereby forcing them to join the discussion. The collective intelligence always solve problems faster.
You need to choose the overall "tone" of the name. Now very often "glamorous" name, because itself is glamorous in fashion. You need it or not - the choice is yours. If the content would match that name, why not? But if you want to discuss serious stuff, and call the group in the best traditions of glamour, then you simply will not understand. If you want to be serious, be that way. Yes and no, you can not only "glamorous".
Show the name of the group their individuality. No need to make tracings of the names of other groups. However, the stick still does not bend, so it doesn't look like you're "showing off." Everything should be in moderation. Reflect the essence of the group is clear, fun to was nothing more. Adhere to the topics which you have chosen. No need to "spread the idea of the tree and push in the name of all those microtheme that you discuss with your girlfriends. Choose one - and this one may be intertwined all other topics of conversation.
Names and mottos for teams of girls. All kind time of day! Soon, summer, camp, new squad, new kids-candy. Came time to assemble a new collection of names and mottos. Very well now that the site has the opportunity to Supplement their collection of materials directly into pages without going into the editor. Offered on this page to create a selection of names and mottos for teams and groups of girls.
Useful advice
I broke a nail", "Ridicule", "stilettos", "Bachelorette party" is Very creative names for teams of KVN girls: "Antibarbie", "Marine girl", "Pink and fluffy", Not "boys", "KVN Team named the sixth series of the TV series "Ranetki" name for the KVN team of teachers If this happens, call the team a "Joke Feuerbach", "the Life of Marx", and a couple of funny team names - "Goygol - Magel" and "Herodotus, but not the same" And if you happen to have the WHC on religion, here's to you, and in this case some cool names...

Advice 2: How can you call a group Vkontakte

When you come up with a name for the group "Vkontakte", plays an important role, for whom and for what purpose you create it. The group name should reflect its purpose. This can be the name of the business, General interest, hobby, website, book, movie, or something.
The name of the group is determined by the purpose of its creation

What to consider in the name of the group

The group name is the first thing potential subscribers see. It is therefore important to reflect its essence and was attractive. The name should not be very long.

Ask yourself why you're creating the group. The title should reflect its content.
The name of the group "Vkontakte" it is easy to change. To do this, simply go to "community Management", to write another the group name and save the settings. Don't forget to notify subscribers.

If you are studying in school and create a group for classmates, you can call the name of the institution, specifying the year, course and specialty.

If you are the author of the book, the group can be given its own name by adding information about the book. Example: John DOE, author of "a journey into the world of minerals".

If you are a musician and dedicate a group your creativity, you can do the same. If we are talking about business, the group name should reflect what you do.

It is important to consider for whom you're creating the group.
Consider age, gender, possible interests, political views, place of residence of the potential subscriber.

You will gain a large amount of people, if you call a group of "Moscow and Muscovites" or "the city on the Neva", as the name suggests she is intended for residents of these major cities. But you can gain an even greater number of people, if the group name will reflect something of the global and known to all.

Name for interest groups

The group can be dedicated to a band you love is a popular book, movie, famous actor or writer. Then it makes sense to choose the group of the same name.

If a group for a common interest, cats, dogs, bicycles, fishing – there is more freedom for creativity. But do not forget that the title needs to be disclosed the main theme of the community.

If you do not set any specific tasks and want to create a Facebook group just so you can come up with a witty name.

Funny names for groups

"I had an affair with Ani Lorak". On request "Ani Lorak" can be replaced by any other name.

A name that could be of interest to fans of the movie "Titanic", "Dear rose, Jack could have fit on that door with you."

"When I read capital letters, the VOICE IN MY HEAD SHOUTING"

"What they did to cow the guy who discovered milk?"

"I'll call son Batman if this page can rack up 500,000 subscribers"

"Group for those who suffered from the game in the app "Zombie farm"

"Join this group if you ever tried to open the door that says "Closed"

"Who is better: Tom cruise or johnny Depp?"

"If this group joins at least one person, I'll eat a sandwich"

"Front for the liberation of gnomes"

"A group for people who join groups and do nothing after that"

"If I die, I allow my friends to write on my status "died"

"May 20, 2020 all will come out and there will be much panic"

"Reality is an illusion caused by lack of alcohol"

"What can you do on the exam, if you know, I wouldn't"

"I love to wear a hoodie because I'm cold, not because I'm going to stab you"

"Before putting on headphones, remember that the L for left ear and R for right"

"From 940 000 people who will come into this group, one will bite the bear."
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