The process of selecting a good name for the shopand can take a lot of time. Brainstorm with partners or family members. Make all interesting names in a separate notebook. Mark the ones you particularly liked. Let this list will always be at hand – an interesting idea may come to mind at the most unexpected moment.
For the names of the clothes shops often use female names (Mary, Anna, Margaret), names of flowers (Lily, Orchid, Mimosa), just words (whim, an illusion, a silhouette). However, all these names do not carry any meaning – they can wear the store's perfumes, women's clothing, beauty salons, and other institutions, which are not related to underwear. If you want to write on the sign something like that, think of a more original phrase – for example "Night violet" or "Lily of the valley".
If you plan to sell exclusively women's range, consider names like "Bachelorette party", "Lady's Caprice", "women's stuff" or "Women's secrets". The interior of the storeand under this guise should be soaked in warm colours, and the assortment can include a lot of accessories like a sachet, perfume and other cute little things. Boutique, called "Ladies confection", "Cousin" or "Boudoir" can be designed in a retro style – dark wood, colorful Wallpaper on the walls, massive shelves antique.
A good idea is to beat in the title of materials from which linen is made, or the name of the toilet. Listen carefully to the sound of the word and associate it with the products you plan to sell. For example, the boutique, "Ajour" or "Lace" suggests that it offers graceful fancy underwear. In MAGAZINe "Silk and velvet" can sell expensive clothing, and "Pajama" day and nightwear made of cotton.
Be careful with erotic and sexual overtones. "Salon kitty", "Emmanuel", "Magdalene", "Empire of passion" – such names like men, but in the salons of ladies' underwear male consumers are a minority. If you offer a classic range, look for the name without the unnecessary associations.
The name should sound soft, feminine. Choosing it, pay attention to the words comprising the letters "W", "W", "m", "l". Avoid too roaring sounds of the letters "s", "h", "z" – they sound too hard and ugly look of the sign.
For the ladies shopand not suitable humorous names like "Trussart" or "shop panties". Not a good idea – writing in foreign languages and the combination of Cyrillic and Latin in a single word. Refrain from distorted words like "Azur", "Caprice" or "Baltoil" - they look too pretentious and old-fashioned.
Selection of future name depends on which product you plan to sell and, of course, from the target audience. Imagine a future client. How old is she? Where is she working or studying? Where dresses, what colors prefer? By answering these questions, you will draw a rough portrait of the average buyers. Assessing the future of the title, be guided precisely to her taste. Women who prefer the name "Cutie" or "Witch" are unlikely to be regular customers of the salon "Delicate" or "Transparent hint".