Advice 1: How to call a lingerie store

You plan to open a shop of ladies underwear? At the first stage, give it an interesting name. A good name will help to choose the design and range of future store.
How to call a lingerie store
The process of selecting a good name for the shopand can take a lot of time. Brainstorm with partners or family members. Make all interesting names in a separate notebook. Mark the ones you particularly liked. Let this list will always be at hand – an interesting idea may come to mind at the most unexpected moment.
For the names of the clothes shops often use female names (Mary, Anna, Margaret), names of flowers (Lily, Orchid, Mimosa), just words (whim, an illusion, a silhouette). However, all these names do not carry any meaning – they can wear the store's perfumes, women's clothing, beauty salons, and other institutions, which are not related to underwear. If you want to write on the sign something like that, think of a more original phrase – for example "Night violet" or "Lily of the valley".
If you plan to sell exclusively women's range, consider names like "Bachelorette party", "Lady's Caprice", "women's stuff" or "Women's secrets". The interior of the storeand under this guise should be soaked in warm colours, and the assortment can include a lot of accessories like a sachet, perfume and other cute little things. Boutique, called "Ladies confection", "Cousin" or "Boudoir" can be designed in a retro style – dark wood, colorful Wallpaper on the walls, massive shelves antique.
A good idea is to beat in the title of materials from which linen is made, or the name of the toilet. Listen carefully to the sound of the word and associate it with the products you plan to sell. For example, the boutique, "Ajour" or "Lace" suggests that it offers graceful fancy underwear. In MAGAZINe "Silk and velvet" can sell expensive clothing, and "Pajama" day and nightwear made of cotton.
Be careful with erotic and sexual overtones. "Salon kitty", "Emmanuel", "Magdalene", "Empire of passion" – such names like men, but in the salons of ladies' underwear male consumers are a minority. If you offer a classic range, look for the name without the unnecessary associations.
The name should sound soft, feminine. Choosing it, pay attention to the words comprising the letters "W", "W", "m", "l". Avoid too roaring sounds of the letters "s", "h", "z" – they sound too hard and ugly look of the sign.
For the ladies shopand not suitable humorous names like "Trussart" or "shop panties". Not a good idea – writing in foreign languages and the combination of Cyrillic and Latin in a single word. Refrain from distorted words like "Azur", "Caprice" or "Baltoil" - they look too pretentious and old-fashioned.
Selection of future name depends on which product you plan to sell and, of course, from the target audience. Imagine a future client. How old is she? Where is she working or studying? Where dresses, what colors prefer? By answering these questions, you will draw a rough portrait of the average buyers. Assessing the future of the title, be guided precisely to her taste. Women who prefer the name "Cutie" or "Witch" are unlikely to be regular customers of the salon "Delicate" or "Transparent hint".

Advice 2 : How to name beauty salon

Beauty salons in different price categories many. Therefore, a new, recently opened, the institution must attract attention, otherwise customers will not. Attracting attention of customers - and advertising and promotions, and discounts, and a catchy title.
How to name beauty salon
Despite the fact that almost every beauty salon and mens room, as a rule, the promotions and the usual names of salons involve the impact on the female audience. Overall, this is the right choice: most clients are women. In addition, women are more susceptible to advertising and are all catchy and memorable. However, because of this the name of beauty are often very similar (a woman's name or the name of the flower, for example).
A good name - the name of the original. Therefore, in order to call beauty better to abandon the frequently used options. Immediately drop all female names, even the most pretentious. Passing by the beauty salon under the name "Eloise", the client can forget that 300 meters back she saw the beauty of "Elvira". If you are the owner of "Elvira", you hardly will go on advantage.
Check your search engines (or just walk around the area where is your beauty salon what are the names of your closest competitors. So you immediately discard certain options and will be able to perform what the name will be allocated on their background. In addition, "breaking" each competitor on the search engines, you will be able to see which salon is popular and what is not. It also depends on the name.
The name of the beauty salon as the name of any other business, product or service, of course, must be associated with the essence of such business, product or service. The Association should be positive, causing emotions, otherwise the name will not be remembered. For example, a beauty salon called "Style" is clearly going to lose the beauty salon called "life is beautiful!"
Think about what target audience do you expect. If you open a beauty salon economy class, its name should not cause associations with wealth and money (won't come names like "Dolce Vita"). Conversely, in the names of the beauty premium should avoid such associations. Similarly, the title serves, among other things, filter clients.
If you are not sure what to call the beauty salon for yourself, contact the experts on the drafting of the names of the couple. These may be freelancers with education in the field of linguistics, and advertising agencies that offer the service of naming separately or in conjunction with the development of the brand of your business.

Advice 3 : How to call a women's clothing store

Develop a name for the store - lesson creative. But someone lacks imagination, and someone it on the contrary so developed that it is hard to decide between двумя0тремя a great option. In such cases, of course, you can turn to professionals for the development of the names of the couple.
How to call a women's clothing store
First, select a couple of hours for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood where your store is located. What other women's clothing stores exist in the area? What a lot of customers, and in what little? It is a good idea to make a list of the names of all these stores and analyze it.
In the store it should work on sale of goods, including the name. If the shop doesn't get customers, it means that some element (a element in this case can be anything and the location, and the sellers, and the title in particular) does not work on sale of its goods. Divide your list of store names in two columns: the first will go the names of those shops, where there is always a lot of customers, and secondly, the names of those where they have little or no at all.
Ask yourself the question: what may not please the client the names of those stores that it doesn't slide? The reasons are usually the following:

1. the name does not cause any associations with a range (for Example, a women's clothing store "Astra". How are clothes and flowers?)

2. the name is hard to remember, it is impersonal. ("Lanta-3").

3. such names are many and so they, too, are not remembered. (Remember how many open shops, called female names! After visiting the "Julia" a client will forget that the same dress seen in Victoria, and cheaper... Or was it Svetlana?")

4. the name is false Association. (Women's clothing store "Elit" category "economy").
The preceding errors, it is better not to do. Now let's see which names are "successful" stores. Not necessarily that these names - the masterpiece of the naming, but at least they are likely well remembered and cause the desired Association. So it is possible to obtain examples that we should emulate.
The basic signs of a good title: punch and the emergence of positive associations. The buyer should want to visit your store, even just to see what you sold. In addition, the title should be designed for your target audience. Therefore, a women's clothing store for young girls may not have the same name as the store for the ladies. Also important is the style of clothing you sell, its price category.
Some shop owners of women's clothing question: how come there is a shop NafNaf? Or Sela? It is understood that these brands of women's clothing in Russia for a long time, they have proven themselves, it is a brands. And the title here plays a minimal role. In addition, in the first case (NafNaf) is a kind of originality, and as for Russian buyers and European. One who creates a unique store, you should not be on such names.

Advice 4 : How to name a clothing boutique

In each case an important role is played by the way are you the business called. To cite the famous line from the cartoon "captain Vrungel's adventures" too and it is also obvious that a memorable, well-chosen name for the store – if it is not half the battle, the third certainly. Especially when it comes to the store of fashion clothes. The name itself must work to increase sales. But sometimes to come up with a good name can be very difficult.
How to name a clothing boutique
If you decide to open your own boutique of clothes, the simplest (though not cheapest) is franchising. You can simply buy the franchise for the store opening are already known world or Russian brand, and then the question of the name will disappear by itself – buyers would have to attract famous, popular brand.
Boutique generally means a store that sells clothing in only one brand. If you open a boutique, not through a franchise agreement, and your boutiquewill sell clothing only one brand, then that brand is not yet known to the buyer, therefore it is possible to give the boutiqueat the name of this brand.
If the boutiquewill sell clothes of several brands, here already it is necessary to connect the imagination. First of all, think about what is boutiqueand will be the target audience. Whether it's women, men, teenagers, children or even animals. Namely starting from this factor you can easily think of a name.Boutique women's clothes can be called a female name, good, beautiful, harmonious female names a lot in all the languages of the world. You might even want to give the boutiquegot its name. Also for female boutiques are great "flower" names. You can take for the name of some abstract concept. Most popular in this case, foreign names, like "Beauty", "Amore", etc. But keep in mind that already hackneyed words and expressions (like mentioned just above) have become boring and hardly seems buyers of the original. Boutique men's clothing can also be called a male name, and you can choose the name of the word, is very suitable for men. For example, to translate the word "strong", "courageous" and others.Same is the case with the names of children's boutiques – proceed from the interests of the target audience.
On the Internet there are programs, able to analyze the words and telling about the impression a name makes. That is, if you enter there planned the name of the boutiqueand the program will tell you what people will call it a word, like "hot" or the word "cold", "hard" or "soft", "sharp" or "smooth". It's called phonosematic analysis. Such analysis is important if you want to attract the largest number buyers, be sure to take advantage of them.
In the end, you can make a brand for your name or surname and name of the boutique that way. If it goes, then you, in addition to its boutiqueand will still glorify his own name.

Advice 5 : How to make a lingerie store

Lingerie for many women is one of the most desirable and pleasant shopping. That is why a visit to this shop should be a good way to lighten the mood and to please the client elegant new clothes. Design boutique lingerie plays an important role in achieving this goal.
How to make a lingerie store
You will need
  • - trading equipment;
  • mirror;
  • - water cooler;
  • mannequins;
  • accessories;
  • elements of decor;
  • - carpet;
  • - sofa
  • - a Shoe-horn;
  • - wet wipes.
Consider window dressing. The traditional use of mannequins is quite simple. Try to find more creative solutions. For example, create the atmosphere of an old boudoir: table elegant dressing table with mirror, Ottoman, place a mannequin in lingerie and a luxurious robe, and all around lay other sets of underwear, as if carelessly scattered hostess.
When choosing a design for the store give preference to restraint, refinement and a pastel palette. The surplus in the form of bright accessories, bright colors and sophisticated finishes only divert the attention of buyers.
Pick the right vending equipment. Convenient bracket and hanger always increase sales compared to the shelves. Eliminate the closed glass Windows, which have long been recognized as ineffective for trading clothes. Place at the entrance to the light shopping cart in which buyers can fold the selected sets.
Pay special attention to the dressing room. They should be tightly closed, have a good mirror and proper lighting. Provide the fitting with a sufficient number of hangers and shelves, put a clean Mat, Shoe horn, wet wipes. Eliminate too much light, which will emphasize figure flaws potential buyers. Properly designed fitting room will help to significantly increase sales.
Expand the space of the store visually, using mirrors and light colors in the decoration. This simple technique will help to create the impression of a large number of goods, and will also help buyers avoid the feeling of tightness.
Place in a shopping area, comfortable sofas, lay magazines, install a water cooler. Shoppers often accompanied by children and companions-men who will be able to relax and not rush the client.
Useful advice
Think about the lighting. In the trading room light should be bright enough to client's carefully to consider all the details.

Advice 6 : How to open ladieswear

Women's clothing is a highly valued commodity. To open her own women's clothes Department – so to join a stable and successful business. What you need to know for a proper start? What nuances should be taken into account?
How to open ladieswear
Under the Department of women's clothes will fit a large shopping center or individual pavilion. It depends on what guided the selection: plan range or size of the existing space.

For the average shop (500 sq m) convenient option may be renting in a shopping center: stable revenue is guaranteed heavy traffic plus the problem with advertising, as well as some other issues, partly resolved by the administration of the shopping center.

If the planned luxury or, on the contrary, the usual small assortment, you must select individual pavilion in order to better ROI. This applies to the small settlements or the Central parts of large cities.


Before opening the store in the first place, you should register your new business. In practice, the most appropriate form of ownership in this case is individual entrepreneurship (IE).

First, open IE cheaper and easier. Second, with respect to reporting and documentation, criteria for the PI is much lower. There are free to use the settlement account at its discretion. And, equally important – the simplified tax system (if space ≥ 150 m) and the probability to issue it as a General tax on imputed income, if less than 150 sq. m.

Documentation and approvals

Women's clothing do not have to be certified, but must be available the Declaration of conformity GOST Russia, making you want to have the documents.

For products produced on the territory of the Russian Federation need to:

- the application for registration of the Declaration;
- normative-technical documentation for the products;
- documents of state registration OGRN, INN;
- document of title to the leased or purchased premises;
- documentation confirming the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of products sold.

The sale of imported clothes would be necessary:

- the application for registration of the Declaration;
- a copy of the contract with the supplier;
- internal Charter of the enterprise;
- certificate of state registration OGRN, INN;
- product description (composition, properties, etc.);
- certificates of conformity of quality of the producer country.

To open a retail store will need permission from the Fire inspection and Rospotrebnadzor. If the shop is the premises of the shopping center, these documents will take care of the administration, but if you open an individual point, you need to achieve the desired approvals.


After the equipment of the division should assess its permeability. It is necessary to identify the optimal number of employees.
If trade is seasonal, with peaks in sales, it is advisable to use an additional serving employees. The rest of the time it is enough for the minimum workforce: on average, 2-3 people with an area of ≤ 150 sq. m.
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