You will need
  • adequate and interested people to brainstorm
If the dances from the repertoire of your group have independent names, one of them can be a great option for you ("Tourdion", "Dargason", "Bassdans"). Select something beautiful, unusual or have special meaning for you (for example, the first dance which you learned).
Many dance steps and figures have their own names, one of them you may well choose as the name for the band. For example, Riverenza or Cadenza.
The group name can be the name of the area or object that is particularly meaningful for your dance styles. It can be city, country, river, building, or anything else. For example, "Versailles", "Albion", "Rio de Janeiro". The toponym may not be independent, but part of it, such as "St. Petersburg mysteries" or "Brazilian night".
The ensemble of folk dances, it would be logical to mention in its name the nation whose dances are in the repertoire, or some characteristic feature of this culture. For example, "Celtic patterns" "the Tartan", "Galician bagpipe" or even just Folk Danse.
The name of the group can dance reflect the era or topic, especially if we are talking about the ancient dances. For example, "the Medievale", "Renaissance", "the Beautiful era".
The title should match the style and character of dance. The name "crane" for the Russian folk ensemble, but not for break-dancing and if you dance the elegant waltz and contradance, not worth to be called "Dance of drunken trolls" or "Wild horses". This is not so important if you are dancing only for themselves and friends, but if you are counting on the General public and performances, come up with a name, which then will not have to change.