Coming up with a name for a sports club, you need to be clear about its target audience. If a wealthy people, you can add phrases that have emphasized the elitism of the institution. If the majority of customers - representatives of the middle class, you can come up with something simpler. Should avoid cliches and platitudes, like VIP, etc.
You should think and make a list of adjectives associated with sports, healthy, strong, slim, fit and so on. Write them down in a column. The longer you will get the list, the better. Connect all your creativity and fantasy. Do not immediately discard options that seem inappropriate. Maybe they will be the basis of the original names.
Once the list of adjectives is ready, you need to make another list. Guided by the recommendations from the first paragraph, make a list of nouns. Approach this task creatively.
And now it's time to combine adjectives from the first list with nouns from the second. It is not necessary to strictly follow the formula of "adjective and noun". Interesting name may be of other combinations. For example, the two adjectives and a noun, an adjective and two nouns, one noun, and so on. As a result, almost one hundred percent guarantee you get a bright, original and memorable name for your sports club.