If you decide to train in the pool, be sure to consult with a specialist. For example, osteochondrosis it is necessary to exclude the exercise on twisting and scoliosis exercise is made individually. In this case the muscle pump in the pool has many positive benefits: warm water makes the movements soft and the load inertia, exerts a massaging action on the joints and spine makes the ligaments more elastic.
Exercises follow at the depth of the chest at a relaxed pace, slowly. Initially, experts recommend to repeat each movement 5 times, gradually increasing to 10-15 times.
To perform this exercise, bend your arms at the elbows, tying them below the bust. Gradually make slopes to the right and to the left 5-6 times. Next, perform a body twisting in different directions. Ensure that the hips remain stationary. Now clasp your hands behind the castle. Gently lift them up. Thus, you will warm up your core group muscles.
Hands spread to the sides, bending at the elbows horizontally. The brushes hold up. Gradually reduce and dilute them in water. Exercise repeat 5-10 times, 3-4 approach. Also for pumping the shoulder muscles, perform a circular movement and arbitrary Mahi in the water in different planes. Hands at the same position at chest level.
For doing exercises on your hips and belly use a prop in the side of the pool. Take a starting position – lying on his back. Hands grasp the side of the pool. Do the exercise bike trying to push movements of the legs your body to the surface. This way, you will achieve the taut buttocks, flat stomach and slim waist. This exercise alternate lifting your legs to your chest, Mahi and circular movements of the legs backward, forward and sideways.