Workout to weight gain, needs to be intense and not very long. In between, your body needs quality recovery. When you work in the gym, keep in mind that the total training time should not exceed 40-60 minutes, depending on if you do every day or every other day.
The best exercises that will allow you normally to gain weight without chemicals, exercises with barbells and dumbbells – squats, bench presses standing, deadlifts etc. They trigger large muscle groups. To accurately determine the types of exercises, try to consult with experts. Even better, if you will have a personal coach who will monitor the correctness of your actions, especially if you are a beginner bodybuilder.
Remember that the muscles should be allowed to rest, so don't try to exert yourself in the gym every day. In addition to the process of recruitment of muscle mass was constantly and gradually, in half a month (or three weeks if you exercise often) change the set of exercises.
Excellent, replenishing muscles post-exertion, are water treatments, including sauna, steam bath and swimming pool. Especially useful for swimming in the cool water after a workout.
For good recovery of muscle try to sleep. Also, remember that a full-fledged muscle growth is impossible in conditions of stress. Therefore, auditory training and meditation you, as a beginner bodybuilder, not hurt.
The most important condition for mass is the right nutrition for optimal scheme: up to 30% protein, 55-60% carbohydrates and 10-15% fat. As for the calories, you will have to consume daily 500-1000 more calories than an ordinary person. But the number increase should be gradual.
Try to introduce a separate food: protein foods must be taken separately so it is normally utilized by the body. In addition, to improve the digestibility of proteins and increase muscle mass contributes to adhere to the diet. Try to eat often, up to 7-8 times a day, and at the same time.
Within each food group you need the most nutritious food. If possible, replace the milk cocktails, Apple juice, grape, brown bread muffin, cucumbers, avocado, lean fish, fatty etc.
In the morning, in the first hour after waking up, be sure to tightly Breakfast, even if you don't feel hunger. At night there are too many impossible, but to sleep hungry do not go, otherwise "burned" will be your hard bulging muscles.
For an hour and a half before your workout eat, but so that in the composition of the dishes were complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly. They will give your muscles the necessary energy. After a workout, too, will have something to eat, but this time you need simple carbs that are absorbed quickly.
Increase daily amount of fluid intake. Give preference to pure (not mineral) water, milk and juices, especially grape and cranberry.
If you want to quickly build muscle, you need foods with calcium, vitamin D3 (for bone), A, C, E (for ligaments and joints). And even better to buy a good vitamin-mineral complex.