How to swim to lose weight

There are a number of tricks to help you quickly and safely lose weight during the voyage. Most effective slimming swimming equipment you can call the crawl. He tightens press, tidy hands and feet, straightens his spine. While swimming freestyle, you can lose up to six hundred calories per hour. And, for example, the backstroke eliminates the unpleasant problem areas on the sides.

Successful swimming training should consist of several alternate methods of navigation, it is desirable to alternate between relaxation and an active load. For example, for starters, you can warm up by swimming freestyle, then swim a fifteen to twenty minute crawl, then lie on your back, then repeat the entire sequence two or three times. To soothe and relax muscles at the end of training, the best swim breaststroke or backstroke.
Pool disciplinarum. It is easier to focus on your workout, not just to admire the surrounding nature, lazily swimming along the shore, as is often the case in natural waters.

How much and how often to swim

Swimming is best, two or three times a week for at least forty-five minutes. Such a schedule will not build excess muscle, but it will help to get rid of excess fat.

Swim practice, which lasts forty-five minutes, means that forty of them are you actively swim any style, and do not lie motionless on the surface. Warm up ashore before you enter the water. So your muscles will be more prepared. If you float quite easily five or six hundred meters, get for weight loss an Aqua yoga or aquaerobics. Go swimming in the warm water. If the water is cool, must swim until start to freeze. Since the beginning of freezing, the body switches to fat accumulation, to fight the cold. Do not eat immediately after training. Between swimming and eating should take place at least two hours, otherwise you'll just gain weight.
Swimming burns a hundred calories more than Jogging at a moderate pace.

One of the best effects of swimming can be called a Jacuzzi, it promotes skin tightening and a General improvement in her condition. If you swim in the sea, your skin gets all the necessary minerals and salts.