Select the pool. This step is one of the most important before the start of classes. Find out all the places in your city where there is a possibility to swim in the pool, contact each of them for inspection and obtain information about time, cost, visiting the pools, about their preferences.
Undergo a medical examination. You need to contact the clinic and make an appointment to see a therapist. The doctor will examine you for the presence of infectious and skin diseases. If you don't find any you will be given a certificate in the form of 1, which gives the right to the pool. Such certificates were canceled, but in reality they still apply.
Get a bathing suit. The one you wore at the beach, you will not do. Look in the sporting goods store, they sell one piece swimsuits sports type in which decided to go in the pool. In addition, you will need a cap and swimming goggles.
Select the type of visit and purchase. You will offer several options for pool access: no restrictions, in the evening or the morning, on weekends. Note all your classes, and then buy the desired subscription.
Visit the pool on schedule. Swimming is a sport, so deal with it swoops can be harmful to health. Start with the minimum loads and gradually increase them in proportion to the time spent in the pool.
Engage yourself in a group or individually with a swim coach.